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Minibox: A miniature Linux container runner
Published on 2017-12-23
I've been curious about how Linux containers work for a long time. I've played around with Docker, but it basically seems like magic. I decided to learn more about them by writing my own tiny container implementation.
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Intermediate Linux command line tutorial
Published on 2017-10-23
This is a concise collection of tips that will help you be more productive on the command line without getting into Linux internals or non-standard tools. Advice here generally applies not only to Linux but also to macOS (which has the same shell).
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Trapping floating point exceptions in Linux
Published on 2010-05-09
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Tutorial: Reverse debugging with GDB 7
Published on 2009-12-01
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Tutorial: Function Interposition in Linux
Published on 2009-06-30
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