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Preserving comments when parsing and formatting code
Published on 2023-11-02
Some tools in the Bazel ecosystem can preserve comments when formatting a BUILD file, even after significant modifications. In this article, I'll compare Go's parser and formatter with the library used by the Bazel tools. Both libraries can preserve comments, but the Bazel library does it better.
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How to build a parser by hand
Published on 2014-02-13
Building a hand-written parser is actually not much harder than using a tool. You can easily build something simple, efficient, and flexible, but perhaps not that elegant. I'll show how I built a parser for a simple template language I use to generate HTML for this blog.
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A simple interpreter from scratch in Python (part 3)
Published on 2011-05-09, edited on 2014-04-12
We create an abstract syntax tree for our toy language and write a parser using our parser combinator library.
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A simple interpreter from scratch in Python (part 2)
Published on 2011-03-29, edited on 2014-04-12
In this article, we will write a small parser combinator library. The combinator library is language agnostic, so you could use it to write a parser for any language.
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