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How Python parses white space
One of the most distinct and remarkable things about Python's syntax is its use of white space. Python uses white space for two things: newlines are used to terminate logical lines, and changes in indentation are used to delimit blocks. Both of these behaviors are somewhat contextual.

How to build a parser by hand
Building a hand-written parser is actually not much harder than using a tool. You can easily build something simple, efficient, and flexible, but perhaps not that elegant. I'll show how I built a parser for a simple template language I use to generate HTML for this blog.

New and improved blog software
If you're a regular reader, you might notice a few changes around here! I just launched a modernization of my blogging software.

A simple interpreter from scratch in Python (part 4)
We will build the last component of the interpreter, the evaluator, by modelling the program environment and by coding how each statement and expression should be executed.

A simple interpreter from scratch in Python (part 3)
We create an abstract syntax tree for our toy language and write a parser using our parser combinator library.

A simple interpreter from scratch in Python (part 2)
In this article, we will write a small parser combinator library. The combinator library is language agnostic, so you could use it to write a parser for any language.

A simple interpreter from scratch in Python (part 1)
In the first part in this series, we build the lexer, the first component of an interpreter for our toy language, IMP.

How to use HTTP cookies in Python

New Blogging System with Python/MySQL